iOs MapKit Tutorial – Blow Up Your Location

10 Nov

iOs MapKit Tutorial – Blow Up Your Location
Two Hour High Definition Video Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you how to build an App from scratch which creates a Google Map View that can display either your actual location or a specific location (for example, Atlanta). The Map View can be customized to any region or zoom and user interactions can be enabled or disabled. The course then adds objects (a scope, crater, and explosion) which will move relative to the map as it updates. This is the foundation of any number of possible games or apps that interact with satellite maps in a unique way. And much of what is taught in this lesson was used to create the instructor’s own app, Zombie Air Strike, available in the App Store.

The tutorial also covers using the compass heading, adding map annotations, touch interaction, animated images, arrays, timers, using Interface Builder, and tons more.

Course Bullet Points

– Use XCode to show a map view of a specific region and zoom
– Toggle on or off user interaction with the map
– Add objects which can move relative to the map view. If the map moves, they still pinned to their location on the map
– Switch the map between using your actual location or to a specific location
– The map can be set to automatically move to give your users a location tour
– The source files include scope artwork and animated explosion sequence

Very few developers are using the MapKit as an underlay for games, but this amazing framework is available to you and completely acceptable under Apple’s own guidelines! When submitting your app for review, just leave a note for your reviewer that using “Current Location” is a part of your apps functionality (if its not obvious right away in your app).

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