CSS3 Tutorial Course – 9 Hours!

14 Nov

CSS3 Mega Course
 – 9 Hours of High Definition Video Tutorials – $25

Our amazing instructor Lawrence Turton will guide you through many of the best new features of CSS3. He’ll be using Dreamweaver CS5, but you can work along with him using any text editor and test in the web browsers of your choice. After a comprehensive look at all the fun stuff listed below, Lawrence wraps up the final couple hours with an example site project which demonstrates how CSS3 can be used across multiple devices (desktops or mobile phones) and how to support older browsers as well as new, so you progressively enhance your site.

Course Outline
Video Tutorial 1:

– IE Conditional comments
– CSS3 New Color Formats
Video Tutorial 2:
– @Font-face
– CSS3 border properties
– CSS3 Background properties
– CSS3 text effects
– CSS3 Multiple Columns
– CSS3 2D Transformations

Video Tutorial 3:
– CSS3 3D Transformations
– CSS3 Animations
– CSS3 User Interface
– CSS3 Flexible Box Model
– CSS3 Selectors
Video Tutorial 4:
– CSS3 Media Queries
– Building an Example Site

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Video Preview

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