Wave Attack Game Starter Kit for iPhone and iPad App Publishing

15 Nov

Wave Attack Game Starter Kit for iPhone and iPad App Publishing

App Description – Fight off wave after wave of descending enemies, while picking up ammo and maintaining enough health to level up. This is the basis of any number of games you can publish to the App Store. You can change the artwork to make this look like a 1942-style fighter plane game, Space Invaders, or make it a simple kids game.

The included video tutorial discusses customizing every element in the game. After watching the video, you’ll know how to…

– Add more ammo, with different collision diameters for striking enemies and strength variations
– Add more enemies. Change appearance, and add different strength per level
– Add more sounds
– Add different backgrounds per level
– Change the speed of enemy decend or player fire
– Change player or enemy animations (currently the player has three animations, default stance, firing the gun, and throwing ninja stars).
– Add splatter FX after an enemy kill (optional)
– Increase or decrease the difficulty of the game by simply changing the number of a few variables

More Details

When published the game runs at 60fps for the iPad 1 & 2, iPhone 4, and EVEN the iPhone 3GS.

The template is currently setup to publish a Universal iOS app (one that runs on both iPhone and iPad). You can easily change it to be only one or the other device.

The game includes a Menu button which currently has the option to start a new game, resume from pausing, or disable/enable audio. This popout menu can also be used to include any thing you want. Links to other apps, and so on.

The template also includes default startup images for the app, these should be changed to show your own title for the game and company logo. If you’d like to credit CartoonSmart for co-creating the app, we can send you a png logo to use in your startup image (you can also just drag n drop the logo in the header of all CartoonSmart pages)

The tutorial also discusses getting setup for Publishing in the App Store and Provisioning your App for code-signing. This is an essential step you’ll need to do before submitting your version of the app to the App Store. This is discussed early on in the tutorial video.


We feel this Starter Kit is an amazing jumping off point for your App. The bulk of the code is written already, but it IS a jumping off point. Please do not submit the app for review to Apple in its current state with our graphics. At the very least, please change the artwork to your own. But to really make a great game in the App Store, this Starter Kit needs a good weekend’s worth of your blood and sweat… Add some funny sounds, add more enemies, and make it your OWN!

Then enjoy being a Published App Developer!!

Preview on Vimeo

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Thumbnail Image:

Box Art with Transparent Background (click to enlarge):

Supplemental Images (click to enlarge):

Preview of the app

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