Actionscript 3 Flash Pinball Game Tutorial

06 Dec

This tutorial covers every step in programming an Actionscript 3 Flash pinball game. In the finished project, you can press either the left or right side of the screen to move the flippers at regular speed OR use the arrow keys (left, right, or up and down) to toggle between regular and faster speeds. Spacebar or clicking the launch zone will also send a new ball into play. If you export the project for an Android or iOS device, finger taps do the same thing as the mouse.

This tutorial teaches Object Oriented Programming, beginning with the basics and progressively getting more advanced while still staying easy enough for everyone!

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Create the Pinball Class and have it collide/slide down ramps
Lesson 2: Add Bumpers, curved boundaries, and invisible boundaries
Lesson 3: Add Flippers of multiple raising speeds (fast and slow)
Lesson 4: Add curving / looping ramps of any size or shape
Lesson 5: Create the launch ramp, multiball mode, score board, sounds and finishing touches

And of course you can adjust anything you like! The physics are incredibly easy to change. You can slow down or speed up the gravity, change the way the ball bounces off different objects, alter the roll speed for different objects, and so on. The code is yours to change! So one might call this an Actionscript 3 Pinball template with 5 hours of video instruction on how to modify it.

As always, all source files are included for Flash CS5 (or higher), Flash CS4 or Flash CS3.

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