Optimizing Flash for Export to iOS or Android Tutorial Series

09 Feb

Write Actionscript 3 that runs WAY FASTER on any iOS or Android Device!

Jeremy Hicks shares his experience developing Yin the Master of Yo, a fast running Flash-created iPhone game, in this multi-session tutorial series. Here’s what Jeremy has to say about the adventure ahead…

“Many of you have been working in Flash and Actionscript for years or even a decade. So have I. Actionscript has grown to be a robust and powerful programming language but it comes at a cost of CPU and memory. The very two things that are glaringly limited on the iPhone and iOS devices. If you’ve tried to export your fast-paced game or app to iPhone with little to no modifications you might have come across this reality. Here’s what this course will do for you…

– Teach you to think different about the Actionscript language.
– Learn new variables types and pass on some old CPU-hungry favorites ( like Movieclips )
– Discover new programming paradigms that can unleash the full potential of your game.
– Program a complete game running at 40fps with animation, interaction, scoring, collision, and sound.
– Work towards not just creating an app, but an app engine.

Get ready to relearn your favorite programming language”

Session 1 – 5 Hours!

As Yoda said, you must unlearn what you have learned. And that’s a lot of what Session 1 focuses on. Past Actionscript-programmers will need to unlearn using movieclips. Movieclips create too much CPU overhead. Instead you’ll learn how to use Sprite Sheets and Blitting techniques for rapidly displaying frames of art.

Highlights for this session include…

– Exporting artwork for sprite sheets
– Using Texture Packer to create sprite sheets
– Converting the JSON output from Texture Packer to an Actionscript object
– Texture Map for reading in the converted JSON object from Texture Packer as an Actionscript object of coordinates
– Building the Image Class
– Creating Vector Objects, an optimized array to use less memory in the processor at run-time
– Good coding habits for clearing out references to prevent memory leaks
– Animation Classes that extend the Image Class for frame sequences
– Learn alternatives to Event Listeners to reduce CPU overhead and possible memory leaks
– Use Resource Loader to manage references so you only have one copy of a resource in memory
– Application Model Class, all of the application’s core data will go in this class to reduce replication and runaway code

 Session 2 – 5 Hours!
This session continues with the same project files from Session 1. Now we will add code for enemies, collision, interaction, etc to build a more CPU intensive example which we can test on the iPhone itself and see how well our optimized code is running in the “real world” outside of the walled garden of our computer.- Entity Class, built off the Animation Class
– Extending the Entity Class for the Ninja and Enemy Class
– Moving enemies across the screen
– Object Pooling with the Enemy Pool
– When to use Timers vs Enter Frame
– Collision detection
– User interaction
– Keeping score
– How to deploy to the iPhone for a true test of the memory usage and frame per second rates.
Future Sessions: Build and Publish a Finished Game – In The Works!This Multi-Session series is still in progress. Our instructor has big plans for the rest of the series, but since we’ve gotten a ton of email asking for an early release to this course, we’re getting you started now.
Final Game Description: Our hero will be constantly ‘running’ on a never ending ground with waves of ninjas coming in. He needs to attack them before he gets pushed off the screen (or loses all power). The game will feature gestures for launching shooting stars and using the sword. Points, bonuses, score boards, pinging a server to record scores, sounds, music, Application Engine for managing the state of the game through the lifecycle. We will also work with Adobe Native Extensions for added functionality including GameCenter integration
You’ll get an email with download links to new lessons as soon as they are ready.
Watch the First 45 Minutes Now…

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