iOS Starter Kit and Tutorial Bundle

05 Jul

Over 20 Hours of High Definition Tutorial Videos!

Take part in our incredibly thorough mulit-session video series on Cocos2d and iOS App Development. You can find out complete details on the series here at the main tutorial sales page, but in short you’ll learn….

– How to get started with XCode and Cocos2d
– The basics of Cocos2d
– Using the accelerometer, adding touch events, Cocos2d actions (easy ways of fading, scaling, rotating, etc)
– Adding in-App purchasing to make money off a free release
– Animating with or without spritesheets
– Adding sounds and your own fonts to an app
– How to write your own classes
– How to use Box2d, an amazing physics engine!
– And much more! In fact, we’re still adding sessions to this series (buyers get download links emailed to them every time something new is added)

Awesome E-Book Starter Kit!

Publish a children’s book, comic book, photography gallery, reference guide, etc. All you need to provide is the pages and you’ve nearly got an ebook ready to sell in the App Store. For full details and a video preview visit the standalone E-book Starter Kit sales page, but in short you’ll get…

Three XCode Cocos2d Templates:

– One eBook template without code for In-App Purchasing
– One eBook template with code for In-App Purchasing
– One eBook template with code for In-App Purchasing and a lot of extra code for adding special FX, sound, etc.

Tutorial Videos on:

– Each Class file
– How to add sound FX & background audio to specific pages
– How to add animated images
– How to add buttons that reveal other images (great for kids books!)
– How to add special FX to your pages with just a few lines of code ( snow, rain, fire, sun, fireworks, sun, galaxies, and more)
– How to add an index to jump to pages or sections
– How to add an in-App purchase option to give part of the book away for free, and the rest for sale.

Wave Attack Game Starter Kit!

Create an App to fight off wave after wave of descending enemies, while picking up ammo and maintaining enough health to level up. You can swap out the art to make this a gory shooter game or silly kid’s game. You can visit the standalone Wave Attack Game Starter Kit sales page for full details and a demo video, but in short you’ll get…

Two XCode Cocos2d Templates…

One zombie attack version and another spaceship game version. The spaceship version includes code for animated ammo drops, a scrolling background, animated post-kill fx (explosions), various-style enemies, and has more sound FX included. For the most part, the code between the two versions is the same but depending on what style game you want to create and how much of your artwork is animated, you can choose which template is easier to modify.

Tutorial Videos

– A detailed video on creating the game from scratch
– Shorter videos for developers just looking to modify the templates
– Learn to add more ammo, with different collision diameters for striking enemies and strength variations
– Add more enemies. Change appearance and difficulty per level
– Add more sounds & background music for different levels
– Add background art for different levels

Angry Ninjas Game Starter Kit!

Ride the wave of success that sling shot games are seeing in the App Store and create your own popular game. All thats required is a bit of time on your part to build some fantastic levels and add your own artistic twist. We’ve done the hard part. Now you get to do the fun part!

Visit the standalone Angry Ninjas iOS Starter Kit sales page for full details and a demo video of the game in action, but in short you’ll get…
The XCode & Cocos2d Template:

– Thoroughly documented with easy to understand variable names.
– Uses Box2D, an advanced physics engine for realistic collisions
– Runs at 60fps on the iPhone 4, iPhone3GS, iPod Touch and iPad 1,2, 3.
– Supports high resolution images for the Retina Display iPhone & iPad 3.
– Supports as many levels as you want to build.
– High scores and completed levels are saved in NSUserDefaults
– You can set the number of characters to toss per level and how much score is required to pass the level.
– You can change the layers of background art on a per level basis. The clouds, hills, and ground plane are all separate scrolling pieces of art.
– Drop in your own .mp3 files for sound fx or background music.

2 Hours of Tutorial Video on:

– Each Class file
– Initial Setup
– Level building
– Modifying the art
– Adding animation
– And much more!

For more info visit the iOS Starter Kit and Development Bundle sales page at

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