Getting Started as an Affiliate

Sign Up In Seconds

All we need is an email address to send Paypal payments to. A tax ID is not required.  The sign up page is here at, the same company that handles delivery of our products after an order is made.

Find a Product to Promote

After signing up search for ANY CartoonSmart product or pick from one of the featured items here on our Affiliate Kit Blog. Each featured item has a link at the bottom of the article like the one below…

Once you’ve signed up for the affiliate program, you’ll simply replace the hash marks ##### with your affiliate ID.

Sorry, No Self-Discounts

Affiliates will not get commissions on products they purchase for themselves. Yes, many have tried (and failed) with the ol’ email address switcheroo, but IP address tracking restricts this.  If you need a discount that bad, just contact us, we’ve usually got a code we can give you.

Time to promote. Tweet it, blog it, talk it up….

When you send potential customers to our site, you’ll use a simple link with your ID. It’s no different than a link you would email someone or add to a Tweet.  Your followers might even Retweet the link and help promote for you (don’t worry automatically shortened links work just as well).

When you send a lead to CartoonSmart, you’ll get a 33-50% commission on ANY product that person buys within 30 days. A browser cookie keeps track of that lead even if they discover the site from your link, but don’t buy that same day.

We blog too. We know you have empty ad space.  We have a few affiliates making $300-$500 /month from nothing more than an ad on their site linking to us. Lower traffic blogs can stuggle to fulfill ad space even at prices as low as $25/month. If your blog has the attention of like-minded learners, trust in our products to appeal to your readers. You can grab graphics from any article on the Affiliate blog OR ask us to make something special.

Newsletters are another great way to promote. If you manage a newsletter list, then you obviously know that already. At least once a month we notice a stream of commissions going to the same affiliate over the course of a few days. Every time we inquire with that affiliate about what they did to send over so many leads, it’s always because of a newsletter send out. People get a lot of email, but they DO pay attention to it far more than a tweet or Facebook mention.

We have a great product! Hopefully you already know that, which is why you’re interested in promoting our products. But hey, we DO have some great stuff. Your followers and blog readers will appreciate you sending them our way, because we don’t JUST sell tutorials. We have an entire blog just dedicated to our free tutorials. And with that 30 day tracking cookie leads you introduce to our site will have plenty of time to sample some lessons and be sold on more.


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