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Brand New Affiliate Site for the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit

Some of our affiliates prefer a trimmer, slimmer sales page for our products, and thats why our latest, greatest iOS Starter Kit is getting it’s own website.   The site currently features just the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit for Side Scroller, Top Down or Isometric viewed Role Playing Games. Phew thats a mouthful. It makes awesome 2D platformers is one way of putting it. It also makes awesome Zelda style games.

iOS Starter Kit

Features include: a team of players, physics based worlds, animated enemies, weapons, equitable inventory, collectibles, in-game currency, In-App Purchase and Parental Gates, and much more.


If you would like mention the starter kit, and potentially make a $45 affiliate fee in promoting the kit, here’s the details…

Affiliate Builder Link for this product:   (jumps to

Affiliates should replace the ##### with their Affiliate ID. Register for your ID here

If you would like to send visitors to the main CartoonSmart site (which has all of our products for you to potentially earn commissions from) you can use the link below…

Affiliate Builder Link for this product:   (jumps to

You can use the images below to help promote. Thanks!

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