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Toon Boom Animate Character Animation Package

Toon Boom Animate Character Animation Package – Six Courses – Over 13 Hours  

Includes six lessons on character animation…

Character Rigging

This lesson teaches how quickly draw a character, setup a hierarchical rig for animation, then animate a walk cycle. Some of the highlights along the way include:

  • Creating symbols from artwork (and some tips of how best to do this)
  • Multiple ways of adjusting the Z-depth of a body part during the animation
  • Why some symbols are color coded depending on what mode you are in
  • Animating with drawing substitutions
  • Animating with inverse or forward kinematics of chained objects
  • Adjusting pivot points
  • Animating the entire walk cycle along a master peg
  • Incorporating blurs or other effects

Walk and Run Cycles

This lesson teaches various techniques for animating walk or run cycles in Toon Boom Animate. These videos assume you already know the basics of character rigging, but if not the source files provided include 3 pre-rigged characters to begin animating with. So you’ll get an unanimated and completed character file for the Side View Walk Cycle, Front 3/4 View Walk Cycle, and Side View Run Cycle (6 files total). These source files alone are a valuable resource as the character art can be modified without affecting the completed cycles.

Four Leg Walk Cycles

The tutorial demonstrates how to animate a four-leg walk cycle. You’ll get a fully rigged elephant character as part of the finished animated example file.

Lip Syncing 

This lesson covers a handful of techniques for ‘cut out animation’ style lip syncing. If you’ve never explored how lip syncing is done in Animate, this is an essential lesson. Animate has some amazing auto-sync audio features. The tutorial also discusses the difference between using drawing substitutions and symbols and teaches how to sync up a character during a turn around pose.

In this package you also get a fully rigged character, setup up for talking, and 4 more Animate example files used in the tutorial

Stick Men Animation

Using stick figures is a great way to test the fundamentals of animating a character by testing weight, balance, speed, etc without having to consider much about the artwork itself. A plain all-black colored figure really couldn’t be any simpler.  So you can practice your animation skills with these six videos…

  • Designing and Rigging the basic Stick Man
  • Walking and Running your Stick Man
  • Stick Man Inverse Kinematics
  • Stick men Fight Scene Part 1
  • Stick men Fight Scene Part 2
  • Adding Sounds
Animation Exercises 
This three-part series was designed to setup a challenge animation exercise, then demonstrate how to solve it. Like a problem-and-answer course, perfect for new students to animation. You’ll also get a fully rigged character from our Zombie Bods Character Pack as part of the finished example files.

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