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CartoonSmart launches!

CartoonSmart launches is officially open! So what is it? Just another royalty free art site?? Weeeeell, not exactly. This site is dedicated only to game art. And to be more exact, curated game art. GameArtPartners will house the best art I can find to sell, whether that means creating it myself or not selling at all. Like CartoonSmart, I have to know a product is great before it gets sold, and this site will be no different. 

A few months ago I went looking for sites specializing in game art. There are a few, but what stood out to me is the majority of them relied on user-submited uploads that really had no consistency in style or quality. Thats a problem. If you were lucky enough to find some 2D art that really gelled with your app, you probably weren’t going to find much more of it. At least not by a different author. Or not without doing exhaustive searches to weed through all the uploads that were uploaded just for the sake of it. I’ve always believed in quality over quantity.

GameArtPartners will also give me a quicker way to offer assets for the Fantastic Worlds iOS Starter Kit. Adding a new product is a lot more streamlined than what (I feel like) I have to do through CartoonSmart. Plus for any art I create for GameArtPartners I’ll be adding property lists, textures atlases, and asset catalogs that users can copy and paste right into their Fantastic Worlds Xcode projects. This will remove all the grunt work for users of the kit (and eliminate possible user errors in integrating the art). So imagine the fun of having your art all ready to go with your project. 

GameArtPartners is a vendor based site, and (as of the launch) we’ve already got two of CartoonSmart’s best authors, Zuhria and Justin Cook selling along with my own work. Zuhria’s third Sprite Bundle is already for sale!  So if you’ve got the art chops, let us know by showing off some of your work. Just keep in mind, to be considered as an artist to sell game art, we’d like to see some game art you’ve done (always helps!). Thanks!





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