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Angry Ninjas Sling Shot Game Starter Kit for Building an iOS Universal App!

 Angry Ninjas Starter Kit: An Easy to Customize XCode Project PLUS High Definition Video Documentation

Sling shot games are quite popular in the App Store aren’t they? Well why not ride that wave and create your own popular app. This template is ready for you to make a great game out of it. All thats required is a bit of time on your part to build some fantastic levels and add your own artistic twist. We’ve done the hard part. Now you get to do the fun part!

Like all our iOS Starter Kits the project files are included with video guides (accessible online or offline) covering every detail of modifying the app for yourself.

Some Basics about the App Template:

  • Runs at 60fps on the iPhone 4, iPhone3GS, iPod Touch and iPad.
  • Supports high resolution images for the Retina Display iPhone.
  • Preference settings for the iPad or iPhone (for example, you can change things like the stack location, screen pan speed, throw power of the sling shot, etc by changing simple variables)
  • Uses Box2D, an advanced physics engine for realistic collisions (the same as another well-known sling shot game) We like the physics as they are, but you are welcome to toy with gravity, the accelerometer, or any other property to drastically change the game.
  • Supports as many levels as you want to build.
  • The in-game Menu will show 10 sections, and each section can have multiple levels. Players will have to complete all levels in a section before the menu unlocks that section to jump to.
  • Level progress is saved in the NSUserDefaults. So even if the game quits, players will have a variable saved for the number of levels they have completed.
  • High scores are also saved in NSUserDefaults
  • You can set the number of characters to toss per level and how much score is required to pass the level.
  • You can set bonuses per level for the number of characters that haven’t been used to pass the level.
  • You can change the layers of background art on a per level basis. The clouds, hills, and ground plane are all separate scrolling pieces of art.
  • Drop in your own .mp3 files for sound fx or background music.
  • Includes three sound preferences which get saved even if the player quits the game. So players can enable or disable Sound FX, Voice FX, or Ambient FX ( or Background Music )

The Extra Special Cool Features….

This wouldn’t be a “Cartoon” Smart Template if we didn’t add some easy ways to make this game really come alive with your own art and animation.

Here’s some of the artistic highlights…

  • It is incredibly easy to add a variety of shapes to your level’s stack with built in vector definitions for the collision environment. For example: squares, triangles, circles, trapezoids, parallelograms, hexagons, octagons, pentagons are preset properties for your stack object. Wanna know more? Skip to 00:07:21 for details in the demo video below
  • Includes two animated impact FX that can be played anytime a stack object breaks (you can add as many more as you like). Different FX animations can be applied to different objects or enemies.
  • Supports custom break animatiosn for stack objects or enemies. So if you want to include even more animation for a specific object breaking apart you can.
  • Stacks are incredibly easy to build. We recommend using an art program like Flash or Photoshop to design your stack then just copy the center x and y locations of each object into XCode. Skip to 00:18:53 for details in the demo video below
  • Two lines of very easy code add each stack object or enemy to the stack. All your properties for the object are defined in one line. Usually YES or NO values for options like: breaksFromNinja , hasAnimatedBreakFrames, damagesEnemy, breaksOnGround, makeImmovable. Skip to 00:10:44 for details in the demo video below.
  • Every Stack Object or Enemy can have a custom point value.
  • You can add as many different slingshot characters as you like, depending on level or the order they get thrown in.
  • Slingshot characters have different artwork frames for poses like “standing in line to be thrown”, “blinking” , “in air”, “roll”, “roll and impact”, or “on the ground”. You can add as many different poses as you like and choose when they appear.
  • Enemies can have damage factors. So it may take more than one collision with a ninja or stack object to damage the enemy enough to be destroyed. In our demo video you’ll notice the enemy gets a bandage or two after being collided.
  • Enemies can also have separate animated frames for breaking (for example, the enemy in the template disintegrates )
  • Choose between embedded images or a font for the post-object break Scores (which float above the object that broke). Currently the template uses images for scores in values of 100,500,1000, 5000 and 10000.

Wanna know a lot more? Check out this Demo Video of the Starter Kit…

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PhoneGap and Dreamweaver Tutorials

Learn how to quickly build Apps using Dreamweaver CS5.5 that run on Android, iOS & More!

Session 1: Getting Setup with Dreamweaver CS5.5 and an Intro to PhoneGap – Nearly 3 Hours!

PhoneGap is an amazing framework that will allow you to code in Dreamweaver CS5.5 (or other text editors) and deploy to multiple devices. Throughout the course, our instructor Lawrence Turton, will be testing on a PC using his Android device. And like Lawrence, if you have Dreamweaver CS5.5 then you are pretty much setup already. But we’ve also included a separate setup video for Mac users to test on their iOs devices. The setup is slightly different, but after that the code to deploy is the same. Which is the beauty of using PhoneGap. Throughout the entire multi-session series, we’ll be using the same code regardless of the device type, to interact with things like the Accelerometer, Battery status, Location, Camera, Contact Book, and so on.

  • PhoneGap Tutorial Video 1 – Introduction to the Series and Initial Setup (for Mac Users, also check out the video just for you all)
  • PhoneGap Tutorial Video 2 – This nearly two hour video begins with a “hello world” app, and explores the accelerometer, detecting WIFI and other device specifics like name or OS version, how to initiate alert or confirmation popup menus, creating a stop watch function, and of course tons more about programming in general.

Session 2: PhoneGap’s Camera API, Events API, or GeoLocation API – Over 2 Hours

Choose your adventure! You can decide what you want to learn now.

  • PhoneGap Camera API Tutorial – Learn how to take a picture or use a picture from the camera library. Explore options like save-quality, allow simple editing before selection, encode as PNG or JPG, desired width or height, and more.
  • PhoneGap Events API Tutorial – We’ll look at event types, such as what to do when the device is ready, an app is paused, app is resumed, the network has gone on or offline, the user presses the back, menu, or search buttons (doesn’t apply to iOS), a call has ended, the battery hits a critical or low level, or the battery status has changed.
  • PhoneGap GeoLocation API Tutorial -Explore how to get the current location of the phone, and look at properties like latitude, longitude, altitude, accuracy, heading, speed, and more. Also learn how to watch for changes in the current location.

Session 3: Contacts API and Compass API – Over 2 Hours!

Again you can decide what you want to learn. There’s no viewing order to these…

  • PhoneGap Contacts API Tutorial – Learn how to create, clone, update, remove and find contacts in the devices contact database. Access properties of a contact, like name (first, last, nickname), phone number, email, address, IMS, organization, birthday, note, photo, category, and URL’s associated with a contact.
  • PhoneGap Compass API Tutorial – Learn how to use the compass to detects the direction or heading that the device is pointed. Options to look at are the magnetic heading, true heading (relative to geographic North), heading accuracy, and time stamp when a reading occurred.

Session 4:  Using Dreamweaver CS6 with PhoneGap and Storage API

Choose your own adventure again here in Session 4….

  • Using Dreamweaver CS6 with Phone Gap – 1 Hour: 2 Minutes – Learn how Dreamweaver CS6 integrates with the PhoneGap Build Service to compile applications in the “Cloud”.You’ll also learn how to get started with QR Codes (Quick Reference Codes) to find and install your app from the PhoneGap servers. Also discussed are many details about publishing your app for iOS, Android, Blackberry and other devices.
  • PhoneGap Storage API Tutorial – 46 Minutes – The Storage API gives you the ability to create a database on the client side rather than on a remote server. So you’ll learn how to populate a database, retrieve data, delete data, and everything else related to managing a database.

Session 5: Capture API and Media API

  • PhoneGap Capture API Tutorial – 1 Hour: 19 Minutes – This API allows you to capture an image, video, or audio. You’ll learn all the parameters involved with capturing these types of media (max duration, various modes, etc). You’ll learn how to store and retrieve the media. With these tools you could program your own voice or video recorder.
  • Also discussed are the quirks between capturing media on different devices.
  • PhoneGap Media API Tutorial- 53 Minutes – The Media API allows smooth playback of audio without slowing down your application. This is a better option than using HTML5 based audio or Flash Player audio, which could slow down your app, or in the case of Flash, isn’t available on the iOS devices. You’ll learn how to control your media with Play, Seek, Pause, Resume and Stop options.

Session 6: File API

  • PhoneGap File API Tutorial- 3 Hours: 38 Minutes – We’ve saved one of the longest tutorials for last. While most of the lessons you can watch in any order you like, our instructor requests you watch most of the previous ones first because he combines many different API’s in this final lesson. With the File API you can access the device’s file directory. So you can search, read, write, upload and transfer files with this API, making it one of the most interesting ones. And worthy of an almost 4 hour lesson!

Final Application Project

As a final example, Lawrence combines many of the PhoneGap API’s into one amazing iPhone application (tested on an iPhone 4 & 4S) . As you can see above, the app has five buttons on the bottom which navigate to:

  • Contact Window: with buttons to trigger a text, phone call or email
  • Voice Recorder: Playback a sound file you’ve recorded through the app
  • YouTube Video Playlist / Player: Create a playlist of your favorite YouTube Videos
  • Image Capture App: Take a picture from the device’s camera and insert it within another image. This could be the foundation of an amazing application. Perhaps a kid’s book featuring the child reading the book.
  • Compass: Get the magnetic heading of your device

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iOs Ebook Starter Kit with Video Tutorials

Includes Three XCode Templates to Publish an iOS Book App PLUS Eleven High Definition Video Tutorials Explaining the Templates and How To Get Your App in the Store!

Add in your own images and publish a realistic page-turning book to your iPad immediately! Then add a little extra code to really make your book standout for inclusion in the App Store.

The three XCode templates are…

  • One eBook template without code for In-App Purchasing  (described in detail in videos 1-5 )
  • One eBook template with code for In-App Purchasing (described in video 6 )
  • One eBook template with code for In-App Purchasing and a lot of extra code (described in videos 7-10)

After watching the videos you’ll know how to…

  •  Add sound FX & background audio to specific pages
  •  Add animated images
  •  Add buttons that reveal other images (great for kids books!)
  •  Add special FX to your pages with just a few lines of code ( snow, rain, fire, sun, fireworks, sun, galaxies, and more)
  •  Add an index to jump to pages
  •  Add an in-App purchase option to give part of the book away for free, and the rest for sale.

At the very least, all you need to do to setup this book is replace the already included sequential images (page0.png, page1.png, and so on) with your own images. In landscape mode your images will be 1024 by 768. You’ve also got the option to include a cover page (named “page0_with_options.png”) which can include text over your book cover which instructs readers where to swipe or press to flip the page forward and back and how to get to the index. This alternate cover page can be seen when the app first loads, but if the viewer returns to this page later, they’ll see your usual cover art ( “page0.png” ). Other than that, you’ll just need to change a variable in the Constants.h file which specifies how many pages are in your book.

So in just a few steps, you can publish your book to your iPad. Getting approved for inclusion in the App Store takes just a little bit more work. We’ve included some short videos with example code to impress upon your App Reviewer that your book belongs in the App Store in the Books category. Without something extra, your book will probably get rejected with a note that it would be better off in the iBookStore. Basically meaning its not doing enough to be considered an “app”. The iBookStore is for books created in a different format than this template, and gets far less sales and searches than the App Store. But don’t worry,  its incredibly easy to add sounds, buttons, special FX, or animation that will get your app approved. Video tutorials 7-10 go into all that.

We’ve also included an initial setup video for beginners to XCode and app development. It will give you an overview of what you need to know about XCode to setup your app, and where to go in iTunes Connect and the Development Portal to sign your application and submit it. So while it would be great if you knew a bit of programming and had prior development experience, this template does not require it. Just watch the included videos!

Preview on Vimeo


Store Link at

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Wave Attack Game Starter Kit for iPhone and iPad App Publishing

Wave Attack Game Starter Kit for iPhone and iPad App Publishing

App Description – Fight off wave after wave of descending enemies, while picking up ammo and maintaining enough health to level up. This is the basis of any number of games you can publish to the App Store. You can change the artwork to make this look like a 1942-style fighter plane game, Space Invaders, or make it a simple kids game.

The included video tutorial discusses customizing every element in the game. After watching the video, you’ll know how to…

– Add more ammo, with different collision diameters for striking enemies and strength variations
– Add more enemies. Change appearance, and add different strength per level
– Add more sounds
– Add different backgrounds per level
– Change the speed of enemy decend or player fire
– Change player or enemy animations (currently the player has three animations, default stance, firing the gun, and throwing ninja stars).
– Add splatter FX after an enemy kill (optional)
– Increase or decrease the difficulty of the game by simply changing the number of a few variables

More Details

When published the game runs at 60fps for the iPad 1 & 2, iPhone 4, and EVEN the iPhone 3GS.

The template is currently setup to publish a Universal iOS app (one that runs on both iPhone and iPad). You can easily change it to be only one or the other device.

The game includes a Menu button which currently has the option to start a new game, resume from pausing, or disable/enable audio. This popout menu can also be used to include any thing you want. Links to other apps, and so on.

The template also includes default startup images for the app, these should be changed to show your own title for the game and company logo. If you’d like to credit CartoonSmart for co-creating the app, we can send you a png logo to use in your startup image (you can also just drag n drop the logo in the header of all CartoonSmart pages)

The tutorial also discusses getting setup for Publishing in the App Store and Provisioning your App for code-signing. This is an essential step you’ll need to do before submitting your version of the app to the App Store. This is discussed early on in the tutorial video.


We feel this Starter Kit is an amazing jumping off point for your App. The bulk of the code is written already, but it IS a jumping off point. Please do not submit the app for review to Apple in its current state with our graphics. At the very least, please change the artwork to your own. But to really make a great game in the App Store, this Starter Kit needs a good weekend’s worth of your blood and sweat… Add some funny sounds, add more enemies, and make it your OWN!

Then enjoy being a Published App Developer!!

Preview on Vimeo

Store Link at


Affiliate Builder Link for this product:
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Affiliates will earn a fee for ANY product purchased on CartoonSmart by a referral not just the product they initially land on.

Thumbnail Image:

Box Art with Transparent Background (click to enlarge):

Supplemental Images (click to enlarge):

Preview of the app

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iOs MapKit Tutorial – Blow Up Your Location

iOs MapKit Tutorial – Blow Up Your Location
Two Hour High Definition Video Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you how to build an App from scratch which creates a Google Map View that can display either your actual location or a specific location (for example, Atlanta). The Map View can be customized to any region or zoom and user interactions can be enabled or disabled. The course then adds objects (a scope, crater, and explosion) which will move relative to the map as it updates. This is the foundation of any number of possible games or apps that interact with satellite maps in a unique way. And much of what is taught in this lesson was used to create the instructor’s own app, Zombie Air Strike, available in the App Store.

The tutorial also covers using the compass heading, adding map annotations, touch interaction, animated images, arrays, timers, using Interface Builder, and tons more.

Course Bullet Points

– Use XCode to show a map view of a specific region and zoom
– Toggle on or off user interaction with the map
– Add objects which can move relative to the map view. If the map moves, they still pinned to their location on the map
– Switch the map between using your actual location or to a specific location
– The map can be set to automatically move to give your users a location tour
– The source files include scope artwork and animated explosion sequence

Very few developers are using the MapKit as an underlay for games, but this amazing framework is available to you and completely acceptable under Apple’s own guidelines! When submitting your app for review, just leave a note for your reviewer that using “Current Location” is a part of your apps functionality (if its not obvious right away in your app).

Purchase Details at

Affiliate Builder Link for this product:
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Affiliates will earn a fee for ANY product purchased on CartoonSmart by a referral not just the product they initially land on.

Thumbnail Image:

Box Art with Transparent Background (click to enlarge):

Supplemental Images (click to enlarge):

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